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You Dream / We Draw

    We do not hold ourselves out as architects here at Cypress Log Homes, but will be happy to draw you a set of plans. Your plan may well end up on our plan page for someone else to lust or laugh over. If you need architecturally stamped plans, we offer those through a local architect and the price is negotiable. 

    The Thinnair was for a guy in Colorado, the Riclinda was for Rick & Linda in Alabama, the Cheeta was for a lady in Canton, GA, well, she still owes us money, and the Nodoit, well it has never been done. You can guess some of the others.

     For you lucky souls with $$$ and don't need a plan for the bank or your builder, we have bulk materials and have seen absolutely wonderful houses built from scratchings on paper plates or sometimes just from the itch someone had to do something different. My son Edward and his first mate Matt built our canine (we refer to him as a good "lizard") a beautiful house with some scrap logs and about 6 minutes worth of hard planning. The pyramids are pretty cool and don't think they had plans, did they?  Anyway, to talk to the chief plan engineer, you may call 404-405-8186 and speak to Edward.